Optimal results through automated marketing

Can marketing be automated? It is our campaign management solution that makes exactly this possible. Specifically designed for retailers, it ensures the constant optimization of your marketing return on investment.

Marketing automation

Analyze customer behavior

We make the purchasing behavior of your customers visible and help you to define customer segments. Which customers have which preferences? Who is interested in the services offered? We identify customer needs and support you in the preparation and implementation of more attractive, target-group-specific campaigns.

Segment your customers

Our user-friendly interface enables you to design your own selections without any prior technical knowledge – saved selection templates can be easily updated for follow-up campaigns via a simple drag-and-drop function.

Develop, plan and implement campaigns

Campaigns can be created individually according to a modular design. Our tip: Organize your campaign in stages and prioritize individual steps. Through the assigning of reaction rules you can determine when, how often, and on which channel a customer is addressed. You can also allow local campaigns through the use of specific permissions.

Automated campaigns

Once all elements are defined and set, your campaign will be fulfilled within a given time frame and according to prioritization. Graphical reports give you a clear overview at every stage: Current status, accumulated responses to individual measures, time references and monitoring from a geographical perspective.

Evaluate and optimize campaigns

Multi-stage campaigns can be evaluated in detail. Our campaign management solution provides you in-depth analysis of individual response rates. Compare your success based on statistically valid test groups and utilize your evaluations in future campaigns. This enables you to set in motion a constant optimization process.