Analyze and understand consumer behavior

Collecting data is one thing, understanding data is another. Our specialist Database Marketing Team supports you in the areas of data integration and analysis, campaign management as well as effective monitoring and reporting. Trust in our experience and benefit from our accurate assessment of relationships between analytical results and real customer behavior.

Analyze and understand consumer behavior

Data integration

Our services for the professional management of customer data:

  • Design, development and setup of data warehouses
  • Transfer and integration of previously compiled data to a scalable environment
  • Data preparation, consistency checks and enrichment with external market data
  • Maximum data security through adherence to the latest data security guidelines.

Data Analysis

Through our extensive experience, we have mastered the tools and methods to create statistical models for retail marketing. Based on your individual requirements, we develop the most optimal approach to analysis.

Our services:

  • Data mining
  • Customer segmentation
  • Customer value analysis
  • Shopping cart analysis
  • Next Best Offer
  • Scorecards
  • Geomarketing

Campaign Handling

The following services ensure you are supported in the development and implementation of successful campaigns:

  • Campaign development
  • Selection of customer data
  • Optimization through upstream analyses
  • Improvement of data quality through address optimization
  • Management of multi-level and multi-channel campaigns

Benchmarking of results and optimization

We offer comprehensive reporting options for the optimal benchmarking of results:

  • Automatic reporting and ad-hoc analyses
  • Reporting dashboards via web portals
  • Management overviews
  • Standard reporting
  • Response monitoring