If you're looking for a specialist software solution for the ticketing, airline or hotel industry, these providers can help you integrate our payment services into your website.


The leading provider of IT solutions to your tourism and travel industry. Every Amadeus customer uses the modular Amadeus technology in a different way. From global network airlines to low cost carriers, from multinational travel agencies to independent hotels; these companies use the travel and tourism technology of Amadeus to create effective commercial environments, make their business processes more efficient and give themselves a competitive advantage.



EB2's solutions provide a comprehensive and powerful toolset for airlines to distribute Solutions Online. EB2 offers a flexible booking platform with a comprehensive and adaptable set of functional modules to provide users with an informative and efficient online booking experience.



Founded in 1993, Orlando, Florida based Radixx International is now offering their fifth generation airline reservations system, the powerful Enterprise Edition of Radixx Air™. Radixx Air reservations and web hosting systems [Internet Booking Engine] provide all airline organizations reliable low cost solutions that are designed with the tools necessary to position airline businesses to compete in the new LCC environment and airline managers to focus their efforts on profit.



myfidelio.net is an enterprise solution for the hospitality industry providing central reservation management services and connections to worldwide distribution channels. This advanced e-commerce solution connects individual hotels and hotel chains with the travel trade and end consumers allowing them to conduct travel related e-commerce.


CTS Eventim

The principal activities of Eventim are the production, sale, distribution and marketing of tickets for concert, theatre, art, sports and other events. Eventim uses specially developed software and all sorts of media including the Internet and its own call center to sell tickets.



For any event for which consumers need tickets, Summit can provide comprehensive e-ticketing services. And Summit offers much more than mere ticket sales. Apart from the benefits of scale and efficiency, you as organizer also get a valuable database with client details at the close of each day.


Ticketing Software Benelux

Ticketing Software Benelux offers solutions for theaters, concert venues, museums and other event-driven organisations. The solution contains planning, realisation and reporting before, during and after the event.



Ticketscript offers plug-and-play e-ticketing solutions, for example, for events, clubs, venues, museums, amusement parks and conferences, enabling our clients to manage the on-line ticket sales themselves, without having to be responsible for areas such as service, maintenance or security.



WheretoCard takes care of Electronic Ticketing for amusement parks, animal zoos, museums and events. This full-service approach offers both to consumer and merchant plenty of advantages.



Zetes offers solutions and services for event organizations which include (online) visitor registration, ticketing software, ... The FasTrace solution is used for organisations which take care of music festivals, concerts, sports events, cultural events, exhibitions and museums, amusement parks,...