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About Ingenico Financial Solutions (previously

Founded in January 2007 as, Ingenico Financial Solutions owns an e-Money issuer license which was granted by the National Bank of Belgium (BNB). As an approved financial institution, Ingenico Financial Solutions can collect and hold customer deposit in the form of electronic money. Thanks to its European passport , Ingenico Financial Solutions is also able to provide its services in all the 27 European Union member states.

The company has clearly developed a leading expertise in the field of mobile payments and is able to assist clients in the go-to-market and operational activity. All the technological solutions are developed entirely in house, which guarantees a total control of  the platform.

Research and development

Ingenico Financial Solutions devotes a lot of time and resources to R&D as it wants to deliver continuously new and innovative solutions to its customers. Therefore Ingenico Financial Solutions is doing all of its developments internally by its own people. As a result Ingenico Financial Solutions has full control at any time of its platform and can answer easily and quickly to specific customer demands and deliver tailored solutions in a very short timeframe.

Thanks to its early arrival in the Mobile Payments space in 2007 and  to continuous developments since then, Ingenico Financial Solutions solutions are mature, robust and flexible. Early 2009, the company expanded its services to offer white label Banking and Collecting services to third parties with specific needs in terms of simple banking services (e-payments, money collecting, …).
Ingenico Financial Solutions also ensures the development of a wide range of applications on top of of its transaction platform. These applications are put at the disposal of our customers, which offers them a short ‘time to market’ when marketing and launching new services based on our applications. This also makes fast prototyping and market testing possible allowing our partners to position themselves quickly in the innovations landscape and to perform Proof of Concepts prior to full commercial deployments. 

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