• Mobile payments represented more than 10% of e-commerce transactions in December
  • Almost 50% of German online sales were from cross border customers
  • December 16th was the busiest online shopping day in many countries

This year Ogone recorded that online Christmas shopping in December 2013 boomed by 37% in Europe. Shoppers embraced online shopping for their seasonal purchases encouraged by the improvements in delivery services as well as the exponential growth in household penetration of tablets and smart phones .

Payments via mobile device grew significantly and represented 13.5% of e-commerce transactions over Ogone’s payment platform in December:
• transactions via tablets doubled to 9% vs. the total number of transactions
• transactions via smart phones increased by 50% (representing 4.5% of the total).

In the UK and The Netherlands, transactions via mobile devices increased to 19% and 16% respectively. Whilst in France, Germany and Belgium mobile transactions now account for 10% of ecommerce transactions.

The most important online shopping day over the festive period was December 16th (France, Belgium, The Netherlands and the US). Whilst UK and Germany online transactions peaked earlier, respectively on December 4th and December 9th. The variations undoubtedly due to differing gift giving date traditions and delivery deadlines.

However, businesses are still missing out on cross border sales opportunities:

  • More than 25% of Belgium’s ecommerce transactions over the festive period came from sales in other markets, notably France
  • The Netherlands generated the majority of non-domestic transactions (14%) from Belgian based consumers
  • French and English consumer spending over the period tended to take place with their own domestic merchants, 85% and 86% respectively
  • In Germany, almost 50% of online transactions were from non-domestic sales

“With the evolution of the markets, increasing consumer trust, widespread technology penetration and confidence in purchasing from cross border suppliers, the term “e-commerce” will become redundant. It will shortly be so deeply rooted in peoples purchasing habits, that we will simply consider it as one of the channels of commerce in general”, stated Jurgen Verstraete, Managing Director at Ogone.

 Download the infographic: Significant increase in online transactions over the festive period.