Ingenico Payment Services today announces having implemented Dinube in its digital e-wallet platform, enabling secure management of e-money, coupons and memberships across multiple devices.

Ingenico Payment Services has teamed up with Dinube, the first digital payment network which automatically synchronizes payments with merchant loyalty programs, both online and in store.

Dinube’s solution will run on Ingenico ‘s e-money service payment platform within the SEPA framework and in a regulatory compliant way, supporting multiple currencies and multiple products and provided with ready-to-use customer interfaces such as web pages, mobile internet pages and mobile apps, allowing full flexibility.

The solution is fully integrated into the payments value-chain, from account creation to completion of the transaction in-store.

Dinube is a new cloud-based payment network and loyalty solution, which allows consumers to proceed to fast, easy payments for online or in-store purchases, using a digital wallet, loaded from their bank account. The solution offers invoice payments, real-time money transfers and personalized coupons and vouchers. It is free for consumers who sign up with just a mobile number and email. No credit card is required and the solution is designed to operate seamlessly within 34 SEPA countries.

For merchants, the main benefits include the following ones:

  • The solution is integrated in the entire path to purchase: mobile app, payment terminal, payment gateway and point of sale, easy to deploy and without increasing total cost of ownership
  • The solution is untethered from bank cards
  • All payments are 100% digital: no more plastic and no more paper receipts
  • Payments and settlement are performed in real time
  • The solution accepts payments both in store and online

“The world is dematerializing and consumer behaviors are increasingly moving to mobile. We are proud to support Dinube, through our wallet and e-money services, to enable digital transactions and interactions between consumers and merchants” explains Jan Van Wijnendaele, Director Wallet and e-Money Services at Ingenico Payment Services.

“Ingenico Payment Services has vertically integrated Dinube as a new and all-digital payment network. Our solution places consumers at the forefront of the transaction by curating their shopping experience at their favorite stores. Ingenico Payment Services enhances this experience by enabling Dinube on the PinPads that customers already use, making adoption very smooth for merchants” pointed out Jonathan Hayes, CEO of Dinube.

“Dinube completely changes the payments paradigm as the first non-card-based network integrated at the point of sale. As the leading payment gateway in Spain, ConexFlow, from Informática El Corte Inglés has already added Dinube as a new digital payment network”, explains Lorenzo Castillo, Head of Payments - Informática El Corte Inglés.

The solution will be showcased (booth FIN105) at the Web Summit in Dublin on November 4-6.