Partnership with payment service provider allows a simple and quick integration of cross-channel payment solution Yapital.

In its continued bid to expand mobile payment, the first European cross-channel payment solution Yapital today announced further cooperations with payment service providers (PSP) Ingenico Payment Services, Heidelberger Payment GmbH (heidelpay) and ConCardis. These partnerships make it even easier for online retailers to add Yapital as a mobile payment solution to their mix of payment options. Often it takes no more than a mere expansion of the existing contract with the retailer´s PSP to enable Yapital payments.

From the very beginning, Yapital has relied on the expertise of the global player Computop (PSP). Through the newly signed cooperations with Ingenico Payment Services, heidelpay and ConCardis, Yapital now has an even stronger alliance with industry specialists, as their platforms serve the majority of the online market and thus contribute significantly to a quick and uncomplicated integration of Yapital.

The cooperation with heidelpay alone enabled 1,600 new merchants to accept Yapital. The payment service provider will adapt their shop plug-ins for Magento, Oxid and Shopware for Yapital very soon, effectively creating an even more flexible integration of Yapital for merchants. In addition, heidelpay and Yapital’s sales activities will intensify within the near future.

Besides the standardised integration via existing interfaces, retailers also profit from a number of other benefits, such as real-time transactions. Multi-channel retailers especially benefit from a payment solution that works across all channels and therefore supports the cross-channel shopping experience for consumers. In addition to interfaces via service providers, Yapital offers web shop owners direct integration as well as custom plug-ins for 17 different shop systems.

"In order to drive the expansion of mobile payment, we must remove existing obstacles and one of those hurdles is certainly the effort required to integrate a new payment option," explains Karsten Cornelissen, Managing Director at Yapital. "With our broad cooperation network of technical service providers in the online and offline market, we are paving the way for standardised and thus uncomplicated integration, allowing a fast increase in the number of mobile payment acceptance points, which is exactly what consumers want."