Ingenico Group (Euronext: FR0000125346-ING), global leader in seamless payment, announced today that Ingenico Payment Services has expanded its 18-year relationship with The ElectronicPartner buying group, one of Europe’s major operators in the trade of consumer and household electronics, telecommunications equipment, and information technology, to now also include online payment processing services across Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The agreement enables hundreds of independent specialist retailers, franchisers and partners under the EP and MEDIMAX brands to start selling online. Ingenico already provides ElectronicPartner with payment acceptance solutions at the Point-of-Sale, including payment terminal hardware, processing and acquiring services, as well as OLV ®. By selecting Ingenico Payment Services for online payment processing, ElectronicPartner now benefits from a single point of contact for payments and acquiring services across all of its channels.

A key element in the decision for Ingenico Payment Services was Ingenico’s Group Manager solution, which allows ElectronicPartner to organize hundreds of individual franchises and partners under a single Group ID. This provides central management capabilities and commercial, administrative and technical benefits at the Group level, while guaranteeing that individual webshops don’t lose control of their business.

“Our customers expect convenience, choice and security when paying for products, whether that is in one of our own stores, one of our franchise stores, or on one of our online stores. As we further develop our eCommerce activities, it became increasingly important for us to find a partner that could provide a seamless payment experience on our websites,” said Friedrich Sobol, member of the management board at ElectronicPartner.

“We are very proud to provide end-to-end, multi-channel payment solutions to ElectronicPartner, ranging from in-store to online,” said Christoph Jung, Head of Sales DACH at Ingenico Payment Services. “Our advanced technology is ideally suited to ElectronicPartner’s business model, with hundreds of individual webshops managed through a single platform By consolidating in-store and online payment acceptance with one provider, ElectronicPartner can reduce complexity and build a foundation for growth across all channels.”

Ingenico Payment Services’ platform includes a secure, multi-channel payment gateway, a fraud prevention solution, and a one-stop payment solution offering the preferred payment methods of their customers, all within one single contract.