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4. Usage

4.1 General

The extension works like most Magento ® extensions. If you have selected to process credit cards, they will be processed via the Magento ® platform. However, when 3D Secure is activated, the cardholders will be redirected to the Ingenico ePayments payment page.

This is also applicable for any other payment method where the account holder’s details need to be confirmed by the issuer. When the transaction is processed, you can see the transaction in your Magento ® back office via "Sales > Orders".

4.1.1 InterSolve payment method

While configuring in Magento ®, you can define several brands, which can be selected by the customer during the checkout process. The selected brand will be transmitted to Ingenico ePayments.

If only one brand is defined, the customer can't select a brand but it is directly displayed and it will be immediately transmitted to Ingenico ePayments. 

4.1.2 Credit card with Alias Manager payment method

When using the payment method "credit card" and the activated feature Alias Manager, a logged in customer gets his stored credit card information shown, if he saved it previously.

If the customer is not logged in a hint is displayed that informs the customer about the possibility to store his credit card data for reuse.

If the customer clicks the link in the hint text, he will be directed to the "checkout method" step and the "register" option will be selected.

The selection of the displayed payment information depends on billing address and shipping address in order to prevent abuse.

If your customer wants to save his payment information, he has to select that option in the credit card payment screen.

If saved credit card data is available, the form on the credit card payment screen will be pre-filled and the input fields will be greyed out.

If the customer wants to update his saved credit card data, the customer has to:

  1. Click in one of the greyed out input fields. As a result all input fields will be cleared.
  2. Enter the new credit card data.
  3. Select the "Save payment information" option. If it's not checked the new payment information will be used for the payment but it's not stored and the old payment information is still available for further use.

If you want to view and/or delete the customer his payment information, you have to:

  • In the Ingenico ePayments back office, go to "payment information" and execute the specific action.
  • In Magento ®:
    1. Go to "customers > manage customers".
    2. Click on the row of the customer.
    3. Select "Payment information".
    4. Execute the specific action.

4.1.3 Direct Debit payment method

You can use the direct debit payment method for Austria, Germany and the Netherlands which allows you customer to use his account data for payments.

Overview of the features:

Origin of the direct debit payment method German Austrian Dutch
Customer has to insert account number (Kontonummer, rekeningnummer)
Customer has to insert bank code (BLZ)
Customer can insert IBAN
Customer can insert BIC X X

Note: if the customer inserts both IBAN and BIC, and the according account data then both IBAN and BIC is used for processing the payment.

You can also use the direct debit payment method for so called MOTO transactions in Magento ®. This means that you accept and insert manually Mail Order/Telephone Order transactions and the behavior will be the same as described above.

4.2 Shipment receipt

The creation of a shipment receipt is made without a connection to the payment service and therefore behaves like Magento ®-Standard.

4.3 Cancellations

In case the authorisation was successful, you have the "Void" button at your disposal in the Magento ® "order view" (at "Sales > Orders" and click your order). You have to cancel by using this "Void" button instead of the "Cancel" button (because of gateway workflow reasons).

If the cancellation is successfully processed by Ingenico ePayments, it can be necessary in some Magento ®-versions that you click the "Cancel" button in order to set the correct cancel status in Magento ®.

In case the order has the "Pending Payment" state and the Ingenico ePayments-state "0" or "empty", you can cancel the order by using the "Cancel" button:

  • No gateway request is sent to Ingenico ePayments.
  • The stock is increased again.
Check beforehand the payment status in the Ingenico ePayments back-office otherwise you won't be able anymore to update the status in Magento ®. 

4.4 Invoicing

Whether you have chosen "Authorization" as "Payment Action" in the Magento ® configuration, you have always to create an invoice for credit cart payment methods to trigger the capture process by Ingenico ePayments.

To create an invoice:

  1. Go to the Magento ® "Order view" (at "Sales > Orders" and click order).
  2. Click on the "Invoice" button.
  3. Choose "Capture Online" as amount.
  4. Click the "Submit Invoice" button.

4.5 Refunds / Credit Memo

To create a refund:

  1. Go to Sales > Invoices.
  2. Click the invoice to refund.
  3. Click on the "Credit Memo" button.
  4. Adjust the amount to refund.
  5. If you want, select the option "Close Ingenico ePayments transaction".
  6. Click the "Refund" button to confirm. Do not click the "Refund Offline" button!
  7. Repeat this procedure until the Ingenico ePayments transaction is closed. That means either the complete amount is already refunded or you have selected the "Close the Ingenico ePayments transaction" option. In the last case only offline refunds are available.

Depending of the payment method, the refund will be executed immediately or after a delay by Ingenico ePayments.

The "Credit Memo" button at "Order view" only creates an internal refund and triggers no refund action by Ingenico ePayments.

For some payment methods (e.g. iDEAL), you have to enable refunds in your Ingenico ePayments account.

4.6 Additional information

To get additional payment related information about the order:

  1. Go to "Order view" at "Sales > Orders".
  2. Select "Information".
  3. Check the “Payment Information” section. The information includes:
    • Payment method type (e.g. VISA credit card)
    • Payment ID
    • Recent payment status
    • Currency
  4. Check the "Comments History" section. This section contains the history of the payment status changes. This information can help you to verify that a credit card authorisation has changed due to a payment capture.

4.7 Trigger payments in Magento ®

In the context of Ingenico ePayments MOTO (Mail Order/Telephone Order) eTerminal transactions, some payment methods are available for order creation in Magento ®.

You can't use redirect payment methods, since they are not allowed. Also 3D secure ("Verified by VISA", "MasterCard Secure Code") you can't use.

To enable credit card and/or direct debit payment methods for MOTO eTerminal transactions, you have to put the "Enable for backend" option on "YES" at "System > Configuration > Payment methods > Select credit card and/or direct debit payment method".

Immediately after you've inserted the order, Magento ® sends already some data to the shop. So you could have the impression that you have to click twice on the "Order submit" button.

You can also email a link of the payment page where the payment can be completed. To support this functionality, you need to activate this option via System -> Configuration -> Payment Methods -> PayPerMail.


4.7.1 Payment using existing Ingenico ePayments transaction

With this payment method, which is only available in Magento ® and not in your shop, you can enter directly the PAY ID of an existing Ingenico ePayments transaction.

In that case no request is triggered to Ingenico ePayments and you will have to execute manually all state changes.

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