• How do I register with Ogone?

    Simply click 'Open a free test account' on the Ogone website and fill in a short form.
    As soon as we've checked your details, we'll email you a temporary password.

    Once you've received your temporary password, you'll be able to log in using the ID you registered with.

    To complete your registration and fully activate your account, please complete the steps listed on your account’s home page.

  • What is a PSPID?

    PSPID stands for payment service provider ID.

    The PSPID is the name you're registered with at Ogone to identify the business your account is linked to.

    You need your PSPID and password to log in to your Ogone account.

  • What is an acquirer?

    An acquirer is a financial institution that processes payments from certain credit and debit cards. The acquirer is responsible for the financial part of transaction processing and Ingenico ePayments is responsible for the technical part. In other words, without an acquirer you won't get paid.

    For every online payment method you want to add, you need an acceptance contract with an acquirer. If you'd like advice on which acquirer would be best suited for you and your region, please contact our Sales team at sales.ecom@ingenico.com. If you know which acquirer you want to work with, you can simply select them from the drop down list when adding a payment method in your account.

    But why not let us take care of it for you? Ingenico Full Service allows you to activate many local payment methods, all at once and in several different countries – with one single contract. If you trade internationally, it could be the ideal way to accept payments from all across Europe. It saves you time-consuming administration and because you can offer more payment methods, it can also increase your revenues.

    Find out more about Ingenico Full Service by asking admin.ecom@ingenico.com to send you contract information.

  • How long does the activation of the payment methods take?

    The time to activate a payment method depends on the following factors:

    • It takes the acquirer or bank about a week to complete your affiliation. If you already have an affiliation, the activation takes us a few days.
    • Some payment methods require additional checks before they can be activated, e.g. in case of 3-D Secure, which is requested directly at VISA or MasterCard (and not at the acquirer).
    • With Ingenico Collect you can activate several payment methods in one go.
  • Why can I activate MasterCard but not VISA, even though I'm using the same acquirer?

    Even though you are registered at the same acquirer for MasterCard and VISA, only one of the payment methods is "Active". Most likely this is because certain requirements specific to the payment method aren't yet fulfilled. E.g. the 3-D Secure affiliation for MasterCard is a separate process from the affiliation for VISA.

  • What is 3-D Secure and how does it impact a transaction?

    3-D Secure is an online transaction authentication method, which you can best compare with entering a PIN-code or writing a signature for a transaction on a physical terminal (e.g. in a shop or a restaurant).

    3-D Secure allows you, as a merchant selling online, to demand your customer to identify himself as the rightful owner of his (credit) card. Ultimately, the goal is to reduce fraud cases.

    There are several forms of 3-D Secure authentication. Depending on the customer's bank and originating country, this can be in the form of using a card reader or digipass, entering a PIN-code, or even entering a piece of data that only the cardholder can know.

    For more information about 3-D Secure (Fraud detection documentation), go to the Back-Office under the support tab.

  • What credit card numbers can I use for testing?

    You can use the following card numbers to make test payments in the test environment:

    Payment method Test card number
    VISA 4111 1111 1111 1111
    VISA with 3-D Secure 4000 0000 0000 0002
    MasterCard 5399 9999 9999 9999
    MasterCard with 3-D Secure 5555 5555 5555 4444
    American Express 3741 1111 1111 111
    American Express with 3-D Secure 3714 4963 5311 004
    Maestro 6759 6498 2643 8453
    Bancontact/Mister Cash 6703 0000 0000 0000 3
    JCB 3530 1113 3330 0000

    In your test account you can find more and/or other test numbers via Configuration > Technical information > Test info.

    Note: You will only see the card numbers relevant to the cards you have activated in the Payment methods section of your account.

  • Do you offer Shopping Cart solutions?

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