We can help you develop a series of white label financial services, all benefiting from our clear legal framework. Thanks to our European e-Money License, we can help your business to issue 'plastic' money in countries all across Europe.

Customised e-money solutions

Our e-Money Manager gives you full access to our e-money services, all of which can be tailored to suit the needs of your business:

  • Account management: for individuals/merchants/partners/groups
  • Currency management: multi-currency and multi-product
  • Transaction management: execute any kind of financial transaction between your accounts
  • E-Money Licence: all your accounts are covered by our European e-Money License
  • Easy integration through our web services or payment libraries

POS integration

Integrating our platform with your point-of-sale environment is easy and straightforward. Through our open POS::API we can connect either directly or through integrators to your:

  • Cash registers
  • Terminals
  • Online paybuttons

Collect Services

Need to collect money through cards or other ways to fund your e-money service? We have a ready-made money collect solution for you.

Case studies: How we've helped other businesses

  • Discover how we helped Limonetik launch an innovative online payments platform for loyalty schemes, vouchers and gift cards.
  • Read how we helped Monizze create an electronic meal voucher programme for employers.

Case studies: How we've helped other businesses