Key features of Ogone's purchasing card solutions

  • Integrated in any type of sales process – supply chain, commercial web applications, recurring billing applications, e-procurement solutions
  • Full invoice line item details shown on your purchasing card statement
  • Manual mode or fully-automated – whichever you prefer
  • Multi-currency, multi-lingual solutions – suitable for suppliers and clients all across Europe
  • High levels of security and service availability

Two purchasing card solutions; one for suppliers and one for your clients

For suppliers, Ogone e-Supply allows you to integrate the payment function into your sales application and offers several tools to help you manage your transactions and buyers data. Ogone e-Supply is a software-as-a-service solution. With no installation, no development required, it's a quick and easy way to start accepting purchasing cards.

For your clients, Ogone e-Procurement is a supplier relationship management and purchasing application that enables them to manage all their suppliers and orders in one centralised place.

Suppliers, choose from three ways to send your transaction data to us:

Ogone e-Supply Primary

The simplest way to integrate, this web-based submission tool lets you manually enter your data into the Ogone platform. All your client and product data is stored on secure servers so there's no need to re-enter details each time an order is received.

Ogone e-Supply Pro

You can streamline the ordering process with e-Supply Pro by allowing card transactions to be exported directly from your sales ordering system. Transactions are processed in batches at a time that's convenient for you. When a transaction has been successfully processed by Ogone, you'll receive an online confirmation of receipt.

Ogone e-Supply Premium

Our fully-integrated option, e-Supply Premium creates a seamless and secure online authorisation process. It connects with many different business systems including e-commerce platforms, sales ordering and enterprise resource planning systems. Integrating easily with your website, it can also be linked with non-web-based commerce systems such as phone, fax, interactive voice response, call centre, mail order telephone order, sales ordering and point of sale.

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