What is an acquirer and why do I need one?

An acquirer is a financial institution that processes payments from certain credit and debit card brands. The acquirer is responsible for the financial part of transaction processing and Ogone is responsible for the technical part. Basically, without an acquirer you can't get paid.

For every online payment method you want to add, you need an acceptance contract with an acquirer. If you'd like an overview of acquirers for your specific country, please contact our Sales team. If you know which acquirer you want to work with, you can simply select them from the drop down list when adding a payment method in your account.

An alternative is to let us take care of it for you. Ingenico Collect allows you to activate many local payment methods, all at once and in several different countries – with one single contract. If you trade internationally, it could be the ideal way to accept payments from all across Europe. It saves you time-consuming administration and because you can offer more payment methods, it can also increase your revenues.

Find out more about Ingenico Collect, or ask our Admin team to send you contract information.