What is a merchant account?

A merchant account is a type of bank account that allows you to offer and receive the funds from certain payment methods. Merchant accounts are provided by various banks and financial institutions – known as acquirers.

You need a merchant account to authorise you to accept certain payment methods before you can start distance selling. If you want to add more payment methods to increase conversion, you usually need to open additional merchant accounts with other acquirers. We can advise you on this and introduce you to the right acquirers for your business.

Depending on the market you operate in, we can also provide you with a merchant account directly. With Ingenico Collect, you're able to activate several payment methods from different acquirers, all at once – and with just one contract. By offering your customers more of the local payment methods they know and trust, you'll increase conversion and boost your online sales.

To learn more, see our payment methods page.